4D Dark Rides are large, elaborate indoor attractions in which riders in guided vehicles travel through specially-lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music, and special effects. They integrate, for example, 3D animated movie scenes, dynamic-motion cars, 4D disaster simulation, and various live-performance components.

Using the multi-degree-of-freedom hanging-car system to simulate various flying motions, our simulated-flight rides whisk visitors about through breathtaking scenery related to a given story. On-site live-action scenes, together with special effects and an impressive synchronized rail-and-screen system (featuring the multiple mobile sphere screen) guarantee a ride they'll never forget.

A shooting dark ride is an interactive type of dark ride where riders aim for targets throughout the ride. Each vehicle is equipped with hand-held or vehicle-mounted light guns. Successfully "shooting" a target usually triggers special animation such as flashing lights or a moving target. The more targets a rider hits, the higher their score at the end of the ride.

Offering spectacular 3D visuals on an expansive hemispherical screen, along with a breathtaking view from midair, the suspended spherical theater allows audiences to feel as if they can fly through the air with the greatest of ease.The suspended spherical theater's hemispherical screen is 22 meters in diameter. Two 70mm pearl-eye polarizing projectors are used to project films.

4D Environmental Theater is a large attraction that integrates multiple large screens, elaborate props and mechanical models. It retains all the features of a traditional 4D theater, but boasts a unique combination of real and virtual imagery and special effects, creating a highly realistic environment related to the story being told

Our huge-screen theaters consist of a huge screen, a sophisticated computer control system, and films recorded in stereo. The supramaximal screen is the basis for a magnificent cinematic experience.

Through a sophisticated system centered on continual,pressurized recirculation of water across a wide expanse, a fascinating surface is created on which images may be projected to stunning effect. Upon this unique surface, visuals are clear, colorful, and spectacular, and make for a singular viewing experience.

The Phantom imaging system is based on an optical imaging concept integrating "real shape" and "Phantom" technology. This involves projecting captured images of people and objects onto the main component of the modeled landscape. Special effects designed for the stage greatly enhance the telling of the tale, as fog and other natural conditions are simulated, all to vivid and memorable effect. Stories are told through the skillful blending of three-dimensional scenes, advanced lighting systems, optical imaging systems, video playback systems, computer multimedia systems, audio system and a general control system,

This is a 3D film show in a large full dome theater which has a huge dome-shaped screen across the celling and a movable seating platform. This film, packed with exciting stunts and stunning special effects, tells a story, which is based on the first few chapters of an ancient Chinese novel Journey to the west about how the Monkey King rebels against the Jade Emperor of heaven.

This 360-degree theater uses a circular screen with the audience seated on a central platform wearing 3D glasses. The platform will revolve slowly while the film is being shown, helping to give the audience a unique experience whereby they feel as if they are being immersed in the world the film is creating.

The circular screen provides the audience with a 360-degree vision of the 3D film. Surrounded by such a giant screen, the audience may feel like they are inside the film.

This attraction simulates a space journey through a 3D film shown in a full dome theater where the audience will experience a space war while sitting in suspended cabins that move, thus making the journey even more thrilling. With an impressive dome-shaped screen displayed above them, the audience will experience a real visual treat.

1. 180-Degree Cylindrical Screen
2. 360-Degree Cylindrical Screen

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