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FT・Wild Land Opens to Visitors, Showcasing Animation and Sci-fi

On July 9th, FT・Wild Land, Fantawild’s first theme park to showcase animation and sci-fi, opened in the city of Taizhou. A grand ceremony was held, complete with music, colorful special effects and many guests, to celebrate this exciting moment. Fantawild’s First Park to Theme around Animation and Sci-fiThe new park was developed by Fantawild Holdings Inc. and the local government of  Taizhou. With a total investment of over 3 billion CNY and spread across an area of over 400 thousand square meters, the park is expected to receive over 3 million visitors per year.As the first Fantawild park to be themed around both animation and sci-fi, FT・Wild Land offers a one-stop destination with interactive attractions, educational opportunities, entertainment, and dining. The park utilizes well-known animations including Fantawild’s original IPs Boonie Bears and Realm of Terracotta, and foreign animation Miraculous Ladybug. There are many themed zones such as Animation Town, Pine Tree Mountain, Realm of Terracotta, and Romantic Estate which all recreate scenes from these popular animations. Aided by cutting-edge technologies such as AR, VR, spherical screens, and huge screens, the park boasts 10 indoor attractions, more than 30 outdoor attractions, and hundreds of landscape designs, welcoming visitors into a fantastic world filled with imagination. Animation Town is themed around the Miraculous Ladybug animated series. This zone has European style streets, a magnificent French palace and boutique shops. Here,visitors feel like they are in the fashionable city of Paris. In Romantic Estate pink is prominent. A pink pirate ship and Ferris wheel, plus European architecture, all add to a romantic atmosphere. The Realm of Terracotta zone is decorated with an ancient Chinese flair. Two huge terracotta warriors stand guard at the gate of this city where visitors can visit a bustling market and experience the underground world found in the animated film of the same name. Pine Tree Mountain is where the famous Boonie Bears live. In this part of the park, visitors can find their favorite characters from the series and embark on fantastic adventures with them.Advanced Technology Provides Immersive ExperienceVisitors thronged into the park on the day of opening. There were especially long queues for the Boonie Bears themed attractions. In Finding Merlion,which is shown in a circular vision theater, visitors can follow Bramble from Boonie Bears to explore a beautiful city and enjoy a fun filled plot. The indoor rafting ride Forest Drifting was equally popular as visitors were amazed by classic scenes and characters from the Boonie Bears series, including dreamlike butterflies, ancient tribes, pandas and Pine Tree Mountain itself. Boonie Cubs World is a playground which was favored by parents and their young kids. With more than 30 interactive facilities for children to play with, it sure was a paradise for children. Many other indoor attractions were also praised by visitors, such as To the Sky, The Origin of Life, Conch Bay, Myths, Realm of Terracotta and Let's Fly. The stage show To the Sky was particularly popular; picturesque scenes combine with excellent live performances to impress visitors with an ode to the harmony of man and nature. In the huge-screen 3D theater, The Origin of Life presents the birth of living creatures on the earth and the secrets of evolution. Visitors are taken back in time to witness the variety of life and its splendor. One guest, Mr. Guo, lavished his praises after experiencing the attractions.He commented that the park was a feast for the eyes and ears, adding that kids could even learn something while having fun.The park has more than 30 exhilarating and fun outdoor attractions. The roller coaster, Invincible Warriors, can reach the speed of 88 km per hour, which pleases thrill-seekers. Less adventurous visitors can try a milder version which is called Pine Tree Rocket. In the rafting ride Floating Manor, visitors can scream their way through twisting rapids while fending off the summer heat. One-stop Tourism Destination for FamilyMany visitors went on a shopping spree in the park, finding bespoke building blocks and Fantawild franchised merchandise across dozens of shops. Visitors can even buy apparel and Boonie Bears themed items. With more than 40 themed attractions and hundreds of landscape designs, FT・Wild Land can meet the various requirements of visitors. Including the many food and beverage outlets and shops, the park provides visitors one-stop destination with dining,entertainment, and shopping. It’s an ideal place for family vacation or day trip.The new parkis expected to become a popular tourist spot not only in Taizhou, but for Zhejiang Province. With distinct themes, unique experiences and high-quality services,this park will boost the development of the local tourism and entertainment industry. ;
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