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Core Concept

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Core Concept : Entertainment + Technology

Relevant guidelines and policies on the cultural industry have set the course for industrial development: to combine culture and technology to develop new business; deepen cultural system reform focusing on building a strong socialist country with booming cultural industry; culture is the spirit and source of creation for a nation and we must carry out the core values of socialism as well as promote the splendid culture of China. Fantawild turns to the above industrial guidelines and policies as guidance to come up with a new business model: "culture + technology". Fantawild vows to operate with culture as the core and technology as support, to insist upon originality and self-owned intellectual property rights, and to increase the added value and competitiveness of the cultural industry with technology of the highest level.
The combination of culture and technology not only expands the application of technology, but also facilitates the transformation of technology into productivity. It provides technological support to creativity in the entertainment industry, reforms the business model of the industry, and helps to create new business. This provides new markets and technologies to the entertainment industry and adds to the industry unprecedented competitive advantages.

Core Competitiveness : An Integrated Industrial Chain of Innovation, Research and Development, Production, and Marketing

After many years of development, Fantawild now has three main tiers of business: creative design, scientific research and development, and content production. These have become the underpinning core of Fantawild's rapid development.

Strategy for Development : Mass Production, Internationalization, and Diversification

Fantawild is always learning and changing to keep up with the international demands of the industry to give consumers the best experience possible. With innovative technology, Fantawild constantly pushes the boundaries of the entertainment industry and forges new paths in the territory of mass production, internationalization, and diversification.

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