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Parks in China

Shenyang Fantawild Adventure

Located at Shenbei New District of Shenyang city, this park is one of the largest 4th generation theme parks in Northeastern China. It has large indoor attractions such as Sky Sailor and Space Journey. Utilizing advanced technology, the park allows visitors to explore the magical world of science fiction.

Tianjin Fantawild Adventure

Located on an eco-island in Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City, Tianjin Fantawild Adventure is a unique 4th generation theme park in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic region.

Taian Fantawild Adventure

Located in the Taishan District of Taian city, Taian Fantawild Adventure is a large 4th generation hi-tech theme park. Thrilling outdoor attractions, realistic and exciting indoor attractions, and unique exotic performances await visitors in this park.

Jinan Fantawild Oriental Heritage

Utilizing advanced technology, Jinan Fantawild Oriental Heritage park makes good use of Chinese culture and displays folktales and legends in a vivid way. It is a park of stories. The park can take you into the "sky", the "earth", and "back in time". You can feel the charm of oriental culture emanating from here.

Qingdao Fantawild Dreamland

Located in Chengyang District of Qingdao city, Qingdao Fantawild Dreamland has many attractions which will transport you into a magical world and allow you to experience science fiction with attractions such as A Taoist Fable, Warriors' Tomb, The White-Snake Maiden's Fury, and more.

Zhengzhou Fantawild Holiday Resort

This resort contains three parks: Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure, Zhengzhou Fantawild Dreamland, and Zhengzhou Fantawild Water Park.

Wuhu Fantawild Holiday Resot

This resort is located on the banks of the Yangtze River in the city of Wuhu. It currently holds Wuhu Fantawild Adventure, Wuhu Fantawild Dreamland, Wuhu Fantawild Oriental Heritage, and Wuhu Fantawild Water Park.

Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure

Located in Yunlong Demonstration Zone in the city of Zhuzhou, Zhuzhou Fantawild Adventure is a first class 4th generation theme park. Here you can try thrilling attractions, making memories with your family and friends that will last a lifetime. This park will be sure to charm everyone who visits.

Xiamen Fantawild Dreamland

This park is located in the ancient coastal city of Xiamen. Here you can try the thrilling Qin Dynasty Adventure, have some fun in the Wizard Academy, try Escape from Dinoisland, or watch mesmerizing performances. A fantastic and happy world is waiting for you!

Jiayuguan Fantawild Adventure

Jiayuguan Fantawild Adventure is the largest theme park in Northwestern China. This park combines the local culture in western China with advanced technology to offer you a unique experience. Here you can view the magnificent scenery on The Silk Road, or watch the amazing performance of Ghost Romance, among many other attractions.

Shantou Fantawild Adventure

Located on the north banks of the bay bridge in Shantou city, Shantou Fantawild Adventure is the biggest high-tech theme park in the eastern part of Guangdong province, as well as a special park: visitors can not only try thrilling attractions in the park, but also learn about science in a fun, entertaining way.

Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage

This park is located in the Hangzhou Bay New District in the city of Ningbo and is a large high-tech theme park. The park is composed of eight major areas with different themes, namely folk legends, Chinese operas, love stories, mysterious culture, acrobatics, folk customs, handicrafts, and comprehensive attractions.

Chongqing Fantawild Sci-Fi Park

This park is located in Jiangbei Area of Chongqing city, and is one of the places where you can learn about science in Chongqing. The theme park has many indoor attractions, such as Dino-Rampage: The Ride, Sky Sailor, The Origin of Life, and more. Due to the huge variety of attractions, there is something to satisfy everyone here.

Datong Fantawild Adventure

Located in Yudong New District in the city of Datong, this zone makes good use of the local culture and endeavors to become a first class entertainment and technology zone in China.

Fantawild has established a chain of operations integrating theme park creative design, research and development, content production, construction and marketing. We intend to cast fine cultural products and tell Chinese stories from our hearts.

The 2018 Theme Index and Museum Index shows that Fantawild has proudly ranked 5th on the list of Top 10 Theme Park Groups Worldwide for three consecutive years with the attendance at 42.074 million. Fantawild operates more than 20 theme parks in cities such as Wuhu, Qingdao, Zhuzhou, Shenyang, Zhengzhou, Xiamen, Tianjin, Ningbo, Datong, Nanning, Changsha and Handan. The parks include “Fantawild Adventure”, “Fantawild Dreamland”, “Fantawild Oriental Heritage”, “Fantawild Water Park”, “Fantawild Asian Legend”, “Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland”, and “Fantawild Oriental Legend”. By promoting the theme on the nation’s spirit as well as Chinese history and culture, Fantawild has built its theme parks into a famous cultural tourist brand nationwide. Fantawild theme parks have brought remarkable social benefits and become one of the backbones in China’s tourism industry. Among them, Wuhu Fantawild Resort is rated as a “National 5A-Level Tourist Attraction”. Fantawild theme parks are also exported to Ukraine and other countries, making Fantawild the pioneer in making China’s amusement park industry to “go global”. The continuous innovation of Fantawild theme parks have been highly praised by the industry and visitors, winning many industry rewards such as the “Ferris Reward” and IAAPA “Brass Ring Award”.

Fantawild is now embarking on the "Charming China” park project, which includes Chinese Cultural Heritage Park, Road to a Modern Era, and Tomorrow's China. The project displays the brilliant Chinese traditional culture, glories of modern China and a prosperous outlook on China’s future through new cultural, technological and artistic means. Our goal is to create culture and technology demonstration areas with distinctive themes and magnificent effects that provide an enjoyable experience for our visitors. The first of the trilogy, named “Fantawild Oriental Heritage”, is already in operation in Xiamen, Ningbo, Wuhu, Jinan and Changsha.

In addition, Fantawild is pushing forward cultural theme park projects, which focus on exploring different local culture resources in China and generating new ideas. These theme parks present different distinctive local cultures through modern technology. The project includes Fantawild Asian Legend with the theme of ten ASEAN countries’ cultures; Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland, which presents the Silk Road culture and Fantawild Oriental Legend, which explores the culture of Chinese idioms and Zhao culture. Currently, more than ten theme park projects are also progressing as planned in cities such as Anyang, Zigong, Ningbo and Zhengzhou.

Fantawild Adventure is the first kind of theme park developed by Fantawild Holdings Inc. Utilizing advanced technology and new concepts, this kind of park features sci-fi and interaction, and is widely known as being an "oriental magical land" and an "Asian Sci-fi Wonder".
Come and have fun at Fantawild Adventure!

Fantawild Dreamland is another kind of self-developed high-tech theme park which was created after the success of Fantawild Adventure. Blending animations and special film effects, the park utilizes advanced technology to display Chinese culture, as well as to create the ambience of a fantasy world.

Fantawild Oriental Heritage is a large high-tech theme park full of stories. It's a new kind of theme park invested by Fantawild Holdings Inc. after the success of Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Dreamland, and Fantawild Water Park.

Fantawild Water Park features attractions on water. There are several such parks in operation in cities such as Zhengzhou, Wuhu, etc.
These parks have more than 20 mainstream attractions, such as the large and well-reputated Boonie Bear Village, Little Trumpet, Big Trumpet, and Sky Looper. Many of these attractions have even won awards.
What are you waiting for? Come have a cool summer at Fantawild Water Park!

Fantawild Asian Legend is the first theme park in China that presents the culture of 10 ASEAN countries, and also the first theme park customized for regional culture under Fantawild Holdings Inc. Through the use of modern technology, the park endows the traditional history and culture of Southeast Asia. It presents the most representative historical relics, natural scenery and modern city view of 10 ASEAN countries to visitors. As the bridge for cultural communication between China and ASEAN, Fantawild Asian Legend not only opens the window for Chinese visitors to learn about ASEAN, but also provides an opportunity for visitors from all over the world to learn about China and experience the charm of China.

With the Silk Road culture, Great Wall culture, Chinese history and culture, frontier ancient city culture, folk culture and other cultural themes as its creativity foundation, Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland’s goal is to promote Chinese traditional culture and the Silk Road culture. This park features themed attractions such as Silk Road Saga, Legendary Dunhuang, Marvels of Chinese Culture and Silk Road Meteor, presenting the charm of the Silk Road culture and the profoundness of Chinese history and culture while bringing people a happy and exciting cultural tourism experience.

Handan Fantawild Legend Kingdom mainly presents the Chinese historical civilization and regional culture of Handan, covering history, myths and legends, traditional arts, idiom culture, Zhao culture, Nüwa culture, folk art and much more. Fantawild Oriental Legend shows the development of Chinese civilization by focusing on characteristics of Handan culture and history. Through high-tech themed entertainment, the profound history and brilliant culture of this national famous historical and cultural city is displayed.

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