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Fantawild's logo is based on the Chinese characters of the company's name ("Fang Te"), and utilizes the means of symbolism. It extracts the symbolized color of the company's main business, uses a square (the meaning of the Chinese character "Fang"), and combines the letter "T". The logo reflects Fantawild's brand image of "happiness".

The logo is shaped like a square, because that's what the Chinese character "Fang" means. The character "Fang" has other meanings too. It means that Fantawild is a company of integrity, and that Fantawild keeps its foothold on the ground in the entertainment and technology industry to develop and innovate, for the character also has the meaning of the vast earth. The letter "T" in the logo is the pinyin initial of the other character in the company's name "Te", as well as the initial of the English word "technology", highlighting that Fantawild's development concept is using "innovative technology" to strengthen its competitiveness.

The background of Fantawild's logo is composed of 7 colored patches, meaning the company strives to create a colorful and happy life. There are five colors on the logo: red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. These colors are connected, meaning Fantawild's business sections are connected and form an integrated operation chain of "innovation, research and development, production, and marketing".

The English name of "Fantawild" is originated from the words "fantasy" and "wild". The Chinese brand name of "Fang Te" means the company's mission is to produce unique products to create happiness. Fantawild has always endeavored to become a "world-class joy creator" with original creative designs and innovative technology.

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