Fantawild Imagineering is one of the world's few creative design institute that can independently devise a theme park masterplan. It excels in the area of innovation and design of large-scale themed attractions, animation, special effects films,and live performance. To date, it has successfully completed work on over 40 large-scale attractions in 3 theme parks.

Our innovators are routinely commissioned by outside firms seeking time-tested expertise in the field of theme-park design, including that of park attractions.

Fantawild R&D is composed of 10 research units and 1 trial-production center.Among the research units are the Software Institute; the Auto-Control Research Institute; the Style and Technique Research Institute; the Stage Technology Research Institute; the Amusement Robot Research Institute; the System Institute and VR Research Institute.

As one of the largest owners of intellectual property in China with more than hundreds of Patents and Copyrights, Fantawild may boast a full complement of top professionals in different fields. With these formidable resources,Fantawild can customize everything from theme-park conception and proposals to content production according to clients' needs. It perfects the seamless union of technological function and artistic effects for themed attractions.

R&D Categories: Dynamic platforms; rail vehicles; special effects apparatus; amusement robots; media-playing systems; and controlling software;AR.

Content Support is a critically important component of theme-park. Content creation is based on the overall theme of the park. Fantawild creative teams will study relevant cultural areas and inject the essence of the destination culture into the theme of a given park. In content support Special Effects Films are the key perfomance forms.

As China's largest special effects film making company, Fantawild owns the most advanced equipment and technologies. It is in possession of dozens of patents for seamless splicing, curvature correction, dynamic 3D-image-simulation tracking, and 3D rendering and modeling. Fantawild is responsible for the development of more than 10 forms of special effects films and able to maintain an annual production rate of 4 to 5 special effects films. With the talents of more than 400 professionals behind this impressive achievement, Fantawild is proud to have exported its special effects films and related equipment to over 40 countries and territories.

Themed attractions in our parks consist mainly of theater entertainment and rides.These involve a massive amount of mechanical equipment, which is classified as follows:

Vehicle Equipment / Stage Equipment.

Amusement Robots

Special Effects Equipment / Audio and Video Equipment.

Controlling Equipment and Software.

Fantawild is supported by a talented team proficient in engineering construction, technology, and management,as well as over 200 engineering and management experts.

With its abundant engineering management experience,the company is capable of managing the construction of several theme parks at once. Our company has the capacity to simultaneously construct 2 to 3 theme parks annually.

We have the best theme-park operation management team in China

Our extensive experience has yielded a highly efficient operation system

We have over 8000 employees dedicated to world-class theme park operation,over 600 of whom form a solid management team

We currently have more than 20 theme parks in operation

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