4D Dark Rides are large, elaborate indoor attractions in which riders in guided vehicles travel through specially-lit scenes that typically contain animation, sound, music, and special effects. They integrate, for example, 3D animated movie scenes, dynamic-motion cars, 4D disaster simulation, and various live-performance components.

The allure of our dark rides comes from the combination of our dynamic-motion cars, which feature a high degree of freedom of movement, and the multiple silver screens placed throughout the attraction. The combination of these technologies creates a ride that promises non-stop thrills for visitors who thrive on excitement.

1.Multi-degree-of-freedom rail cars provide varied forms of motion, which makes for a most exciting visitor experience.
2.The three-dimensional movie system utilizes multiple screens, giving visitors the sensation of being at the very heart of the action.
3.The combination of life-like dioramas, 3D films, and a broad range of special effects creates an atmosphere ripe for adventure.

Example 1
Dino- Rampage

Example 2
The Wizard Academy

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