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Fantawild Wonderland Opens: A New Destination for Family Fun

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Fantawild Wonderland opened on July 18 in the city of  Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province. This is a new theme park built by Fantawild Holdings Inc. and is a prominent tourist destination in this area.The official opening ceremony took place at 9a.m. Many invited guests and excited visitors joined the Fantawild team to celebrate this monumental moment amid music and colorful decorations.

A New Way to Present Chinese Culture: Traditions Meet Technolog yto Make a Paradigm in the Industry

Total investment in this new park is over 4 billion RMB. The park boasts 8 unique indoor themed attractions and 30 outdoor attractions, as well as over 200 landscape designs, restaurants and shops. It’s a one-stop destination combining dining, tourism, entertainment, and retail. The park expects to receive more than 3 million visitors per year.

Fantawild Wonderland is the second Fantawild park in Jiangsu Province after Glorious Orient. This new park explores myths, folklore and local traditions, presenting the charm of Chinese culture while utilizing advanced technology such as spherical screens, AR, and comprehensive track rides.  

Attractions for All Ages: Excellent Immersive Experiences

The park welcomed many visitors on opening day. Attractions suitable for all ages such as Song of the Wind, Dragon Palace Quest, River of Tales, Let's Fly, and Cloud Shuttle were extremely popular. Visitors enjoyed experiencing the wide range of attractions.  

Song of the Wind is an indoor theater show featuring holographic imaging technology. The show depicts the historical figure Liu Bangre turning to his homeland and reciting a well-known chant. Visitors from local areas connect deeply with the show, which received thunderous applause.

Dragon Palace Quest is another indoor theater show which this time features a spherical screen. This attraction allows visitors to journey through time, venturing up into the sky and deep into the sea. The unique experience won praise from families, making it a popular attraction during the park’s opening day.

Indoor boat ride River of Tales takes visitors into a realm of proverbs. Both adults and children can relax amid fantastic dreamlike scenes. Guests really enjoyed looking at proverbs from this unique point of view with many taking the opportunity to record videos on their phones.

Flight simulation Let's Fly features a suspended huge screen spanning 5 floors. Mobile, hanging seats move along past incredible images. Visitors fly over picturesque scenery and historical landmarks. The vivid sensation of flying makes this attraction one not to be missed.

Classic Fantawild attraction The Origin of Life can also be enjoyed in this park. This 3D production is shown in a huge screen theater. The film depicts the evolution of life on earth. It’s a visual and audio feast which thoroughly impressed audiences.

Magic Castle is a large-scale mixed reality ride. It adopts virtual reality technology and a tracked 3D film to create a magical world.Many guests who applauded this attraction thought it was worth enjoying again and again.

Several Boonie Bears themed attractions were favored by families on the park’s opening day. Boonie Cubs has many entertaining facilities for kids, and an ideal place for parents to rest while their little ones keep having fun. Families can embark on an exciting adventure in the laser zapping attraction Bears’ Mission, they can then sit back and relax in the Boonie Bears Theater.

Young adults favored more thrilling attractions on opening day. Pine Tree Rocket takes inspiration from the Boonie Bears TV series; Cloud Shuttle is a roller coaster which can reach speeds of 100 km per hour; and Dragon Valley Drift is an adventure ride filled with mystery.

Dozens of shops in the park also offered visitors the chance to buy handicrafts and souvenirs with a touch of local culture. Boonie Bears themed merchandise was also extremely popular.

At the end of opening day, more than 1000 drones took to the night sky. This provided visitors a fantastic show of lights to wrap up an unforgettable day at Fantawild.  

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