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Fantawild Theme Parks to Welcome Guests Back!

From:      Date:2020-04-22      Views:308582

Following the 12 theme parks that have already reopened over the past month, 7 more parks in 6 cities are ready to resume normal operations on April 18. They are 'Fantawild Oriental Heritage' in Jingzhou and Xiamen, 'Fantawild Adventure' in Tianjin and Shantou,'Fantawild Dreamland' in Wuhu and Xiamen, as well as 'Silk Road Dreamland' in Jiayuguan. Also, 'Fantawild Adventure' in Jiayuguan is expected to open on April 25. After over 2 months of closure due to the pandemic, most Fantawild theme parks have gotten back on track and reopened to welcome guests.

Continuous Epidemic Prevention for a Safe and Healthy Tourist Experience

The health, safety,and comfortable experience of our guests is our top priority. According to government regulations and directions on epidemic prevention and control, and based on actual situations, each park takes a wide range of measures to protect our guests on their happy tour. These measures include park entry by real name,temperature screening, tourist attendance control, keeping a safe social distance and non-contacting while lining up and participating in attractions.

These parks will conduct cleaning and disinfection of the highest standards at venues including themed attractions, public areas, restaurants, and stores. Cleaning personnel will be arranged to sanitize all public areas frequently every day. The ventilation devices will operate throughout business hours in each themed attraction area. More park staff will be holding signboards on site to remind guests to maintain a proper distance from one another. For indoor attractions,Fantawild pays great attention to disinfecting seats, arm rests, and 3D glasses after each guest uses them. The park staff will strictly control the number of guests participating in each attraction each time, and instruct guests to be seated in every other row in a scattered way. For dining services, guests will be offered disposable tableware and will need to eat separately for safety.

Limited-time Discounts:

Buy a Park Ticket, Get an Annual Pass for Free

To thank all of our guests for their continued support, these parks offer a wide range of attractive discounts since its reopening. From April 18 to 30, guests can purchase admission tickets on the ‘Fantawild Travel’ App, the Fantawild official website, or other online authorized ticketing platforms, such as WeChat official accounts of different local parks at discounted price.

The parks in Jingzhou,Xiamen, Tianjin, and Shantou will also launch the promotion “Buy a Park Ticket,Get an Annual Pass for Free”, which has proven quite popular and successful in other reopened parks over the past month. To get an annual pass for free,guests only need to buy a full-price ticket on the ‘Fantawild Travel’ App before April 30. Moreover, 'Fantawild Dreamland' in Wuhu offers a limited-time special price for the annual pass at only CNY360.

Spring has come and the flowers are in bloom. It’s high time for some spring outings and much needed relaxation. Why not bring the family to Fantawild? Feel free to enjoy the wonderful spring scenery here and have a memorable tour experience!

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