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Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage Opens Grandly, Extending Joy to Hubei

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On September 12,Fantawild officially opened its newest Fantawild Oriental Heritage in Jingzhou,Hubei. As a high-tech park, it features a comprehensive theme built aroundtraditional Chinese culture and the Jingchu culture of Hubei.

Fantawild rolls outfirst park in Hubei to spread Chinese culture, further integrating local culture and tourism.

Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage is the first large-scale park invested in and established by Fantawild Holdings Inc. in Hubei Province. Aided by cutting-edge technology,this park creatively presents the deep Chinese culture while providing an exceptional example of blending culture and tourism. This dynamic allows for the promotion of Chinese culture in exciting new ways.

Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage contains 41 themed attractions and rides as well as over 200 landscape designs. Many of them are inspired from historical legends and myths dating back to ancient China.

Nearly 10 thousand tourists visited Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage on the first day of opening. Attractions like The Legend of Nüwa,Magic Gallery, and Marvels of Chinese Culture become some of the must-see spots for tourists of all age groups.

As the newest member of the “Fantawild Oriental Heritage” park series,Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage delves into Jingchu Culture and introduces three brand-new works highlighting the distinctive regional cultures. They are Palace of Chu, Qu Yuan, and Battle of Red Cliffs. These three attractions drew an impressive number of tourists and was incredibly well-received.

The show Palace of Chu combines live performance with vivid virtual reality to display the elegant music and dance of the state of Chu. The theater had afull house for every performance. Mr. Liao, who came from Wuhan with his friends, spoke highly of this performance and said it’s more fantastic than he expected. “The visual and sound effects, the dance and their apparel... All of these are amazing. The park’s cultural atmosphere is so good and the technology they use to create the show is impressive. It’s convenient to take the high-speed train from Wuhan to here. I’ll come back again”, he commented.

The holographic theater Qu Yuan was also wildly popular. By combining live performance with holographic projection technology,the show revives the great yet tragic life of Qu Yuan and uses amazing visualeffects to immerse audiences in the tale. Many of them were still reciting Qu Yuan’s poem Li Sao when leaving the theater. Mr. Zhang, who has retired from his work, is a native of Jingzhou. He is an expert on Jingchu Culture and has a special feeling and respect for Qu Yuan. After watching the show, Mr. Zhang said, “I came here with my family. We were all deeply impressed by this show. The show is like edutainment. It teaches children about traditional Chinese culture and cultivates their interest in historical figures.”

What’s more, in the park, children will find favorite spots such as Boonie Bears Theater, The Tune Tour, and Pine Tree Rocket. They are both entertaining and educational. There are also thrilling outdoor attractions including The Grand Showman, Galaxy Splash, and The Legend of King Yu. These are a can’t-miss for adventurous young visitors. A Jingzhou citizen said,“Fantawild is famous. I’ve been to Fantawild theme parks in other provinces with my family. We all had fun. Now we have a Fantawild park in our own city.We don’t have to go far to visit. It’s quite convenient. We’ll visit this park often in the future.”

Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage offers hundreds of snacks and foods at various restaurants. Visitors can feel free to savor some of the authentic cuisines. The park has an assortment of Boonie Bears consumer products and other exquisite cultural products. Visitors especially children will definitely delight in taking some home.

The concept “China Style in the Amusement Industry” receives considerable popularity online.

Based on timeless Chinese culture and cutting-edge technologies, Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage delivers the concept of “China Style in the Amusement Industry”. Fun-packed activities such as wall graffiti were held topay tribute to Chinese traditional culture. Young people were impressed to see how traditional culture could be united with modern concepts to create something thrilling and new.

On opening day, nearly 100 online celebrities were invited to the park. They visited the eight hottest attractions and spotsincluding “Jingzhou Fantawild Graffiti Wall”, “Festival Square”, and “Palace of Chu”, and interacted with visitors. The online celebrities posted video footage,pictures, and text introductions about the park opening on social media platforms, including Weibo, WeChat, and Tik Tok. The topic “China Style at Jingzhou Fantawild” has been widely spread on the Internet. During the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday, visiting Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage is estimated to become a popular phenomenon across Hubei Province and nearby areas.

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