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Fantawild Oriental Heritage Opens Soon

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       A news conference is held at Wuhu Fantawild Holiday Resort on the afternoon of August 15, 2015. During the conference, the resort manager Zuyao Chen announced that Fantawild Oriental Heritage, the largest 4th generation theme park in Asia, would open on August 16th.

       It is estimated that the opening of the Fantawild Oriental Heritage theme park would render the competition in the tourism market this summer even fiercer. A lot of media were invited to the conference. As the largest investor and operator of theme parks in China, Fantawild Holdings Inc. harbors big ambitions. Oriental Heritage, a new kind of heavily-invested hi-tech theme park, is expected to become a hot tourism spot following the success of Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Dreamland, and Fantawild Water Park.

The resort had previously invited visitors to try the world’s greatest wooden roller coaster at the new theme park. The said roller coaster, named “Jungle Trailblazer”, was built entirely by wood, measuring 32 meters in height. The entire ride is 1060 meters long, and the speed can reach 91 km/h. Visitors will be swinging, spinning, and screaming all the way on the challenging roller coaster.

Fantawild Oriental Heritage finely combines Chinese cultural heritage with modern tourism, a characteristic most theme parks in China lack. The new theme park is picturesque from every angle. Walking in the park, visitors will feel like time has been turned back and that they’ve stepped into the ancient China. They can see traditional Hui-style architectures and cloth shop banners fluttering in the wind. Enchanting shows and performances such as “Bridge to Love”, “Eternal Love”, “Tale of Nüwa”, “The Tune Tour”, “Chinese Opera Express”, etc., breathe new life into classic Chinese folktales and legends. Fantawild Oriental Heritage has begun a new chapter in the history of Chinese cultural theme parks.


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