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Boonie Bears Projects Start Construction in Yichun Boosting the City’s Entertainment and Tourism Industry

From:      Date:2021-10-13      Views:243498

On July 29, a ceremony was held in the city of Yichun in Jiangxi Province to mark the beginning of construction of Boonie Bears projects. Liu Daoqiang, Fantawild’s President; Yu Xiuming, Municipal Party Secretary; and Yan Yun, Mayor and Vice Party Secretary of  Yichun,attended the ceremony.

The Boonie Bears projects include a Boonie Bears Land, covering an area of about 253,333 square meters, and a Boonie Bears Water World, around 73,333 square meters. The projects will provide food and drinks, accommodation, tour, shopping and entertainment service. Based on the popular Chinese animation Boonie Bears, both parks will use characters, scenes, and stories from the animation as inspiration. The projects will be built into modern theme parks, fully utilizing Fantawild’s advanced technology and experience in park operation while providing interactive and immersive experiences to visitors. Guests will be able to thoroughly enjoy themselves at these new parks.

In his speech, Yan Yun acknowledged that the new projects will fill the gap of upscale theme parks in the city. He will work closely with Fantawild to plan and develop the projects to high standards,ultimately creating a bright outlook for the future.

Liu Daoqiang expressed Fantawild’s aim to construct the new projects to international standards with scientific management, striving to add assets to the culture and tourism industry within the city. In turn, this will contribute to the development of Jiangxi Province.

With Fantawild’s strong creative prowess and research skills, the new projects will also benefit the development of other industries, further increasing the influence of Yichun as a major city in the western part of the province while boosting the entertainment and tourism sectors of the city.

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