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Mianyang Fantawild Oriental Heritage Park Holds Press Conference -- Will Open on July 18th

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On July 6th, Mianyang Oriental Heritage, a theme park developed by Fantawild Holdings Inc., held a press conference, and released information regarding park features, opening date, and tickets. Present at the conference were senior officials of Mianyang City and Jiangyou City, representatives from the new park, and dozens of reporters. It was revealed at the conference that the new park will open on July 18th.

The First Fantawild Park in Sichuan Province

The new park is a co-investment between Fantawild Holdings Inc. and the People’s Government of Jiangyou City. It’s the first Fantawild park in Sichuan province. The park occupies an area of roughly 67 hectares, and the total investment for the park is over 3 billion RMB. The new park will present the charm of Chinese culture using advanced technology. There will be many interactive attractions.

There will be more than ten themed attractions within the park, including Rumble under the Sea, The Legend of Nüwa, Lady Meng Jiang, and White-Snake's Fury. There will also be more than thirty outdoor attractions such as roller coasters. Visitors can also find delicious food and souvenirs in the park, making it a suitable destination for a unique family day out.

Fantawild is renowned in China’s entertainment and tourism industry. It has been featured on list of “Top 30 Cultural Companies in China” for many years. The company is also a leading player in the animation sector. The Boonie Bears animated series is well known and loved in China, especially the show’s three main characters: Briar, Bramble and Vick. Fantawild has become one of the largest theme park brand in China. There are currently more than 20 parks in operation. According to a joint report published by Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM, the number of visitors to Fantawild parks have rank 5th in the world for three consecutive years.

Technology Combined with Culture to Give Visitors a Unique  Experience

The new park has many classic attractions just like other Fantawild parks, and will provide visitors with an even better experience. These attractions showcase Fantawild’s creativity and use of advanced technology. Some attractions will feature elements of local culture

Jiangyou City is said to be the hometown of Nezha, a well-known mythological figure. There will be an indoor attraction in the park, called Rumble under the Sea, which will be based on this popular legend. Fantawild will add new content to this tale, providing visitors with an immersive and thrilling experience.

Mianyang is said to be the birthplace of King Yu, and is still home to many historical relics related to this ancient Chinese ruler. An outdoor rafting attraction in the park, called The Legend of King Yu, will recreate the story of the king taming the flood, presenting visitors with a thrilling experience.

The attraction White-Snake's Fury is based on a folk tale. It’s a large indoor, immersive boat ride combining live performance, indoor rafting,and a water-screen movie, and is suitable for visitors of all ages. Visitors will witness a fierce battle between a sorcerer and the White Snake Maiden,experiencing the scene from the story Flooding the Jinshan Temple.

The attraction The Legend of Nüwa is based on a well-known myth.Visitors will sit in an ark and travel back to the ancient world, following Nüwa, to battle two gods and find the five-colored stone to mend the broken sky.

Let's Fly is a dome theater, providing visitors the sensation similar to flying. A popular attraction in Fantawild parks, it boasts a huge spherical screen 5 stories tall, flexible suspended seating, and a high definition movie. The attraction takes visitors on a flight over ancient relics, modern cities, and picturesque landscapes.

Marvels of Chinese Culture is a 3D cinema with a huge, 1000 square meters screen. . The attraction is suitable for visitors of all ages, presenting to them five thousand years of Chinese history.

Thrill seekers can try the indoor turbo drop attraction The Plummet, the roller coaster The Grand Showman, and the rafting attraction King's Gate.

Attractions for Kids Provide a High-quality Family Visit

The new park has many attractions, popular among both children and parents, making it suitable for family visits.  

The attraction River of Tales presents Chinese idioms in a new way.Visitors will embark on boat ride drifting through fairy-tale like locations,while learning all about idioms.

The Boonie Bears Theater brings kids the characters from the popular animated show Boonie Bears. This attraction features unique Boonie Bears content, providing visitors with new stories and a better experience.

Adults can enjoy many attractions with their children, such as Pine Tree Rocket, Puppy Coaster, and Water Dream World.

There are also more than 200 landscape designs in the park and 4 themed restaurants. Visitors can buy souvenirs from more than 10 shops in the park. Some products are Boonie Bears themed.Visitors of all ages can find suitable attractions in the park.

Fun Is Only One Ticket Away

Guests will be able to enjoy all park attractions when they purchase a ticket, there are no extra fees. Fantawild now offers an online ticket booking system, making the purchase of tickets easier than ever before. Visitors can buy tickets from the official park website,through WeChat, the “Fantawild Tourism” APP, and other licensed platforms.

Visitors can use the “Fantawild Tourism” APP to tour the park more conveniently. The APP contains a park map, directions, attraction waiting times, performance schedules, discounts and other additional information.Visitors can learn about attractions in advance through the APP and plan their routes ahead of time. They can also learn where to get food and beverages, find other services, buy tickets and pay parking fees.

The new park will become an important part of Mianyang’s effort to build a cultural center for the famous poet, Li Bai, as well as an entertainment and tourism base,adding vitality to the local economy.

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