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Fantawild Opens New Slate at Fantawild Animation Expo

From:Fantawild Animation      Date:2019-10-17      Views:103567

In the lead-up to MIPCOM, Fantawild Animation announced a slate of six new animation projects at its Fantawild Animation Expo in Zhengzhou, China. Approximately 500 Chinese and international professionals from various industries attended the three-day event from October 9th to 11th.

The new Fantawild portfolio offers two Boonie Bears series for preschoolers as well as pupils -- Boonie Squad, a magic-themed show, and Boonie Bears: Monster Plan that follows the bear brothers and Vick on their missions to save the forest from an invincible machine monster. The company will also release the seventh film in the franchise -- Boonie Bears: The Wild Life, a film with a sleek science-fiction visual effect.

Apart from the popular Boonie Bears brand, Fantawild also disclosed details of Realm of Terracotta, a new property and the world’s first terracotta-themed animated film. Having been in development and production for four years, the film is the most expected among the slate. It tells the inspirational journey of Magnus, a lowly terracotta orderly striving to be an elite warrior, and his touching love story with the heroine Jade. Set in a fantastical parallel world, Realm of Terracotta will be a visual feast of Chinese historical culture to the international audience.

The company is also bringing in two international animation brands -- Miraculous Ladybug and Clangers.

“Our mission has always been to create and share happiness. We care about the healthy growth of children and want to craft the best Chinese stories,” shares Daisy Shang, Executive President of Fantawild Group & President of Fantawild Animation, “at the same time, we have been and will continue to be proactive in exploring the international arena as well as licensing and merchandising to further enrich the ‘IP ecology’ of Fantawild.”

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