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Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage Wins TEA “Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement”!

From:FANTAWILD      Date:2018-11-14      Views:45905

We are honored to announce that Fantawild Oriental Heritage based in Xiamen brought home the TEA “Thea Awards for Outstanding Achievement” (AOA) at a TEA press conference on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018 at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, USA. Fantawild is the recipient of the only Thea awards in the theme park category given out this year. Winners of the awards in different categories were announced during the conference, and the award ceremony will be held in Anaheim, California, USA on April 13, 2019.

The Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) is an international non-profit association representing the world's leading creators, developers, designers and producers of compelling places and experiences.

The Thea Awards were created by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) in 1994 to help realize a key mission of the association: bringing recognition to achievement, talent and personal excellence within the themed entertainment industry. The prestigious TEA Thea Awards have become internationally recognized as a symbol of excellence, and are considered as the greatest honor in the global theme park industry.

As a full service provider for theme park projects, Fantawild has established a complete industrial chain beginning with creative design that allows us to transform research and development into content production, construction, and global marketing. Fantawild has formed the perfect combination of Chinese culture and modern technology. Fantawild has created four series of theme parks and proudly owns over 10 theme park brands which offer an immersive environment and interactive tourist experience.

Among them, Oriental Heritage Park is the first of the “Beautiful China Trilogy” that Fantawild painstakingly crafted, and is also the first comprehensive theme park in China that integrates traditional Chinese culture with modern technology. We select the most timeless Chinese myths, ancient legends, and folk arts for the attractions, which embody rich Chinese cultural symbols. We then apply advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), digital imaging technology, tracked and trackless rides, large-scaled lifting platforms, interactive VR amusement equipment like multi-degree-of-freedom robot, and control system technology. These technologies allow for stunning special effects and fantastic storytelling that will provide an amazing experience for the audience. Here you can enjoy “Bridge to Love” inside of a large indoor domed theater, “The Butterfly Lovers” at our holographic “Augmented Reality” theater. In the attraction “The Legend of Nüwa”, visitors will ride along a track to revisit the legend of Nüwa mending the sky, and in the attraction “The Flaming Mountains”, you will experience the thrill of flying over the breathtaking ‘Flaming Mountains’. Peking Opera lovers can also find their favorite at “Pear Garden Tour”. In this trilogy, the second part “Road to a Modern Era” is under construction, and the third part “Tomorrow’s China” is in the stage of creative design.

Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage opened for business on April 16, 2017. The park contains nine themed areas, twelve main attractions, and one cultural heritage town. Here, visitors can try out our fabulous attractions and rides, have a bite of incredible traditional Chinese food, and view gorgeous Chinese works of art. Visitors will enjoy various aspects of China’s 5,000 years of history. Since its opening, Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage has been widely praised by the industry insiders and well loved by tourists. It marks a new chapter in traditional Chinese tourism industry and forms a featured cultural tourism brand.

In the future, Fantawild will stay rooted in Chinese culture, and utilize technical innovation to drive greater progress. Fantawild will keep focusing on the research and development of more challenging technologies such as real-time generation of virtual and real scenes, R&D platform for customizable multi-functional amusement facilities so as to launch diverse theme parks of global influence. The Thea Award is a high recognition to the excellence of Fantawild’s craftsmanship spirit and creativity. It will inspire Fantawild to forge ahead and keep pioneering in the industry.

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