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Themed Performances
Fantawild has created first-class themed performances with advanced technology in automatic control, visual effects and equipment. Its performances in the theme parks include Theater of Legend, Tales from the Jungle, Ashley, Bubble Ballet, Legend of Lady Meng Jiang, and more. Those performances utilize high technology and combine many art forms such as modern music, dance, acrobatics, martial arts, drama, multi-media, etc. The stunning performances and the magnificent stage effects have impressed the audience. Fantawild's new show, Theater of Legend, is an epic drama played in the park of Wuhu. Legend of Lady Meng Jiang, a large program-controlled show mixed with live performance, won "The Heartbeat Award", which was especially added at the 2015 IAAPA "Brass Ring Award" ceremony; while in 2014, Ashley also brought home a Brass Ring Award in the category of Live Entertainment Excellence at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in the US. The stage play Circus Days won a Silver Prize of the Lotus Awards for Excellent Modern Dances granted by the Chinese Dancers Association.
The Show of Nüwa
Butterfly Lovers
Tales From The Jungle
Bubble Ballet
Legend of Lady Meng Jiang
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