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Fantawild New Theme Parks Poised for Growth, A Fresh Dose of Vitality to the Tourism Industry

From:Xinhua Net      Date:2019-04-17      Views:66651

The Government Work Report 2019 explicitly highlights the policies of boosting the tourism industry and deepening cultural exchanges globally, which is a thrill for the cultural tourism field. Through continuous innovation, Fantawild has achieved prominent results in these aspects. With nearly twenty years’ experience in the industry, Fantawild is developing a forward-looking strategy that integrates traditional culture and advanced technology.

The 24 theme park layout is ready to broaden its horizons.

In recent years, Fantawild extended its influence in over ten provinces and cities. Multiple theme parks and theme hotels have been built in cities like Zhuzhou and Zhengzhou in Central China. In June, Fantawild will open its 25th theme park, Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage, which is Fantawild’s second extra ordinary work in Hunan Province.

According to the official news released earlier by Fantawild, the total number of theme parks operating in China is estimated to exceed thirty.

With local cultural elements given full play, each park forms a unique style.

The construction of Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage will conclude soon. “The park serves as a window to bring China’s five-thousand-year civilization alive. As a cultural and tourism industry, we aim to carry forward the quintessence of Chinese culture, and this park is a specific example of our work towards that goal,” a park staffer explained.

Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage is the first hi-tech theme park in China that features Huxiang Culture. It contains eleven large-scale indoor attractions. Aided by different technologies, each attraction presents a timeless Chinese legend as well as certain splendid history in a unique way. Rooted in Huxiang Culture, this park is specially crafted. The creative team delved into the history of the Mawangdui Han Dynasty Tomb in Changsha, and designed an innovative attraction based on the legendary life of the tomb owner Xin Zhui, who is also known as Lady Dai. In this attraction, the clock is turned back thousands of years in Changsha. The magnificent and unusual life of Lady Dai is reproduced on a VR stage and tourists will be immersed in the historic splendor of Han Dynasty. Local cultural elements such as flower-drum operas and four-sheep statues will also be in the park to truly engross guests.

In addition to Changsha, new parks are also making in roads in cities like Jiayuguan and Handan, which are scheduled to open this year. They are expected to inject new vitality to local economy and cultural development, and bring endless fun to even more guests. Fantawild Silk Road Dreamland is the second Fantawild park in Jiayuguan. Supported by the latest technologies, this park is the first of its kind to feature the Silk Road culture and customs of the Western Regions in China. When it comes to Fantawild Legend Kingdom in Handan, by integrating the timeless regional history, the park focuses on the profound culture of Chinese idioms. This helps to customize a brand new entertainment experience.

Fantawild Asian Legend is specially developed for fueling global cultural exchanges.

The policy of “deepening cultural exchanges globally” in the Government Work Report points out new directions for the industry. As an enterprise that sees culture and technology as its lifeblood, Fantawild keeps innovating and working on the R&D of technologies. This is all for the ability to tell Chinese stories to the world.

On August 8th last year, Fantawild Asian Legend had a grand opening in Nanning, setting aprecedent of telling the history and stories of other countries as well. By having these tales alongside their Chinese counterparts, a new place for tourist exploration is born. So far, Fantawild Asian Legend has received over 800 thousand guests from home and abroad. Besides bringing new opportunities for the local industry, the park also became a vital platform for cultural exchanges, which ushers in a new chapter of cultural tourism in Guangxi Province.

According to industry insiders, Fantawild Asian Legend creatively combines Southeast Asian culture and local tourism. For the internal economy, it promotes the urban and provincial tourism to develop in a comprehensive way. For the external economy, it further steps up the tourism cooperation between China and ASEAN countries, and serves as a model for tourist spots in Guangxi to demonstrate Southeast Asian culture. Last year, Fantawild Asian Legend was appointed to be the branch venue of the China-ASEAN Expo for the first time. It welcomed guests from many ASEAN countries, and became a bridge for cultural exchanges.

As of now, Fantawild boasts over 1,000 independent intellectual properties, more than 3,000 experts, and five theme park brands. They are Fantawild Adventure, Fantawild Dreamland, Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Fantawild Water Park and Fantawild Asian Legend.

Fantawild is confident about its future. It has crafted a clear development path and holds towering ambitions. A leader in Fantawild has said, “Nowadays, the integration of culture and tourism has become a common practice. With this background, Fantawild will actively undertake its social responsibilities and propel industry convergence and tourism growth. Fantawild is and will always be offering superior products and service to tourists and bringing infinite fun to everyone!”

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