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The film depicts the evolution history of Earth and life in fantastic scenes. It features strong humanistic hue. This film shows the most important period of the history in four chapters:

1.The creation of the Milky Way Galaxy;
2.The Ocean Age;
3.The Dinosaur Age;
4.The Rise of Mankind.



In A.D.2050, a young man mike leaves the noisy city and begins his adventure in the deep sea where there is a beautiful world with all kinds of colorful fishes and plants, but it is also a world with various dangers...



Views in perspective lens, the spectators experience the lifelike flight in space shuttle with various space ships. In a grand city of outer space, the bustle of streets full of bizarre vehicles and buildings give all incarnations of our innovative idea and the mysterious Aliens.



It's an all out war! From the first shot fired to the last bomb dropped, Strategic Command is filled with intense fighting sequences. Enemy fighter planes try to evade missiles but you've got them in your crosshairs! They counter with an all out submarine assault. Torpedoes cut through the water and explode into the sides of your battle ship with pinpoint accuracy. Now it's time to see who has the biggest guns! Defend your country by blowing the enemy away!



The film tells about an uncanny story: a young man got lost in the forest during a big foggy day. Right then, a grand eerie castle appeared in front of him. By mistake, he entered the castle, which is full of ghosts. His life is threatened in the evil-spirited castle. Escape from the castle....



The peace and prosperity that last for thousands of years in the Kingdom of Calais has been destroyed by the magic and witchcraft of a wizard named Ogal, resulting death of people in the city. In order to defeat Ogal and bring the peace back to the Kingdom, a young leader of the Kingdom of Calais named Tigris has decided to lead. Tigris directs his warriors to the wizard's den. The wizard set traps and obstacles on the way to his palace. The warriors encounter a group of snakes and mice, bravely escape from the sharp teeth and claws of feral beast and fight with ferocious dragon. Soon a deadly fight with Ogal begins. A great battle breaks out. Knives fly and magic impact in the air and you will never thought that you would be part of this battle. Finally, Tigris destroyed Ogal and his palace and the peace reigns once again to the Kingdom of Calais.



A piece of chocolate falls into the bugs' world, resulting a fight in their peaceful world. The kind and lovely baby bugs are very delighted for the unexpected chocolate but at the same time those bad bugs also desire at the sight of the chocolate. While the baby bugs are carrying the chocolate, the bad bugs set a lot of obstacles on their way in order to steal the chocolate. The baby bugs were surely not going to give it up.

Everybody took their unique super weapons cross the wilderness and the battle begins in the bugs' city, escaping from the attack of scorpions and spiders. Finally, all fall into the water. Wondering where the delicious chocolate goes?



This magnificent epic will portray the civilization of ancient Egypt. Based on historical records from long ago up to the present time, the film will describe many aspects of Egyptian civilization, such as its different rulers as well as its architectural and cultural achievements. Besides presenting an accurate portrayal of ancient Egyptian civilization, the film is rich in imagination. The unique creativity of the film maker gives an output of a splendid picture with a fantastic plot and exciting special effects.



In the year 2020, the Municipal Museum has performed a series of experiments regarding the incubations of ancient dinosaur eggs and embryos. However, an unexpected occurrence happens when the scientists are right on the brink of a breakthrough: the genes of the dinosaur embryos mutate radically after irradiation of the dinosaur DNA by a mysterious combination of is isotopes. The dinosaurs develop over one night, break through the front door of the museum and rush on to the streets of the city, ravaging everything of the city: thus putting the lives of the people in jeopardy...



Evil and rapacious power is approaching the earth, which is going to suffer from misery and scars of the world-shaking attack. The invaded people swear to throw themselves into a fight protecting their homeland. The completely armed space troops head towards the devil outer space base to die with their enemy in the fierce explosion. The audience will be shocked by the visional impact; the adventurous space ride and the magnificent space fight experience as well as the inspiring heroic epic!



The lost island is a film full adventure. Mike, a photographer of some geographical magazine encountered an aircraft crash and fell on an unnamed island. Frightened Mike didn't know what will fall on him, the ferocious Bengal tiger, eerie snake, murdering anthropophagi or ancient temple that full of mystery∼ Anyway Mike was lucky enough to escape from his bare life after being rescued by his colleague.

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