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Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret to be Released in Russia on August 1

From:Fantawild Animation      Date:2016-07-29      Views:74644

Good news for animation enthusiasts! BoonieBears: The Big Top Secret will be released in Russia on August 1, 2016. OnJuly 28, it began to be shown at local theaters in Ukraine. After the films Boonie Bears: To the Rescue!, Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey, and Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter, FantawildAnimation will now bring a new blockbuster to audiences in the CIS regions,which marks another milestone in the expansion of its global footprints.

Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret Screened in Ukraine on July 28

Boonie Bears Heading for Russian Theaters

Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret is the third 3D theatrical film Fantawild hasproduced, which centers around the themes of love, friendship, dreams, andresponsibility. It tells the story of Briar’s pursuit of vanity in the circusafter he leaves the forest due to the stress and pressures of everyday life. However,the upcoming risks and challenges teach him to understand what his inner desireis. Finally he overcomes all the difficulties and reunites with his forest friends.The film outlines the problems all of us experience in real life and aims toinspire the audience to reflect on their own life. Since its debut in China onJan 16th, 2016, Boonie Bears: The Big TopSecret has achieved great success at the box office. Encouraged by itsoutstanding performance at the domestic box office, Fantawild has exported thefilm to Russia to reach an even bigger audience.

In fact, the Boonie Bears TV series and the firsttwo theatrical films, Boonie Bears: Tothe Rescue! and Boonie Bears: AMystical Winter, caught the attention of many Russian fans several yearsago. Among them, Boonie Bears: A MysticalWinter was screened in Russia at the beginning of this year. The pair ofcuddly bears captured the hearts of audiences, and the film received bigapplauses and high appraisals.

Boonie Bears Highly Acclaimed by Global Market

Furthermore, the Boonie Bears theatrical filmshave also been distributed to more than 10 other countries and territories, includingTurkey, Russia, South Korea, the Philippines, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, andColumbia.

Boonie Bears: To the Rescue! made quite the impression, snagging the firstplace at the Turkish box office on its 2nd week of release, grossing threetimes the box office earnings of the second place winner. The film was selectedfor the final contest of the “Annecy Cristal for Best Feature Film” and won theKids Jury Awards at MIP Junior International Pitch.

Boonie Bears: To the Rescue! Screened in Turkey

In 2015, Fantawild’s second film, Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter, brokethe box office record in China with 48 million USD. The box office success wasextended to the Russian and South Korean markets, which helped the film winmany awards including the nomination for Cine KidsAward in Busan International Film Festival. The film is expected to make itsway into the Turkish and Latin American markets soon.

Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter Screened in Russia

The Boonie Bears series have also proved themselves a big winner on the small screen. Up until now, the Boonie Bears TVseries have been sold to over 50 countries and territories, such as America,Turkey, Russia, Italy, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. Some programshave been broadcast on Disney, Netflix, Nickelodeon, and Sony channels, passingon the brand concept, “nature, environmental protection, health, and happiness”,to the whole world.

Insisting on the “Go Global” Strategy

It would not be possible for Fantawild to gainsuch success with the Boonie Bears series without its unremitting efforts inthe international market. Since it was established, Fantawild has insisted onthe strategy of going global and creating Chinese-English bilingual productions.It employs a team of high-caliber voice actors from western countries, whoguarantee the authentic flavor of English animated programs. Meanwhile, to meetthe needs of different regions, Fantawild has its animations dubbed intomultiple languages such as French and Spanish, which are well received byinternational distributors.

Fantawild isalso an active participator in famous international exhibitions including MIFA,MIPCOM, NATPE, and ATF, through which Fantawild has cultivated a number of new clientsand made its products well known. Fantawild also sends product information toits steady clients and potential clients on a regular basis, as well asdelivering frequent updates and news via various international media outlets.

So far, Fantawild has exported over 200 thousandminutes of animated programs to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide,covering America, Italy, and Russia. Fantawild’s animated programs have won alot of awards including the Kids Jury Awards at MIP Junior in Cannes, France, aPlatinum and a Gold Remi Awards at the WorldFest-Houston International FilmFestival, a Special Mention Award at the 22nd Cairo InternationalCinema and Arts Festival, and more. All of these honors and awards have furtherestablished Fantawild as an international brand. In the future, Fantawild will continueto spread positive energy and the spirit of happiness to every corner of theworld, and advance Chinese animation into more global markets.

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